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At autoXpert, we provide you with the best value and the utmost care, everyday. This is why we bring you seasonal and customized service offers that will allow you to enjoy your drive, carefree and knowing that you have an automotive partner that gets your back.

Buyback Guaranty Program
The buyback Guaranty Program is designed to provide you with a peace of mind experience supported by the quality, reliability and durability of our vehicles meeting highest standards. The program is designed to instill confidence in the vehicle your purchased and to assure you of our commitment in guarantying the best resale value of your car upon replacement with a new one.

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Brilliance Service and Maintenance Programs
The service and maintenance program asserts our commitment to upgrade your ownership experience by providing you with a reliable after sales support through unmatched services and unrivalled care brought to our Brilliance owners. The programs are designed based to match your needs starting from 1 year/20,000 KM, 2 years/40,000 KM and 3 years/60,000 Km ownership from the date of delivery of your vehicle registered at autoXpert's dealership records

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Fleet Program
The fleet program is dedicated to the commercial sector. It is a complete program for companies and provides many advantages and facilities. The program offers a wide range of after-sale services characterized by quality and comfort, such as quick repairs, original spare parts, punctual appointments and many other benefits.

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Vehicle Multi-Point Inspection
The Vehicle Multi-Point Inspection program is designed to provide you with quick and important information about the current status and performance of your vehicle which might be required in case of travel or long trips. The report will highlight all the inspection points checked and match vehicle’s standards as well as all other inspection items that require immediate attention or could be serviced at later stage.

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HVAC & Cooling System Check
Get ready for the summer with our HVAC & Cooling System check that provides you with all you need to ensure a smooth drive on the road while you keep the high temperature of the summer away.

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Vehicle Comprehensive Appraisal & Inspection
As a car owner, you want to keep your vehicle in its best shape for years to come. Who better to take care of it than the people who know and care the most – our service team? Now, with our comprehensive appraisal & inspection program you can enjoy a safe drive of your vehicle at all-time ensuring highest resale value upon replacement.

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