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The secret to a life-long vehicle
Cars are not made to last forever. However, there are ways to keep your vehicle as good as new for a long time. The most important action to be considered is to conduct a periodic check for your vehicle to ensure it is still complying with the highest quality and safety standards.

Service Center
When you purchase a vehicle from autoXpert, you are making a life investment to exclusive quality and long-lasting performance. However, our commitment to excellence does not stop at the showroom’s door. We perfectly understand that after sale services are quite as essential as the closing deal. This is why we have established a state-of-the-art Service Center providing you with professional and timely services all year long.

Importance of Periodical Maintenance at autoXpert dealership
Getting the best service for your car is undoubtedly your top priority. Periodical Maintenance carried out at our authorized service center is a crucial element of the maintenance schedule because:
  • It ensures safe, reliable, and cost effective operation of your vehicle
  • It ensures genuine parts and warranty on replacement parts
  • Maintain your vehicle’s warranty offered by the manufacturer
  • It helps in maintaining higher residual value of your vehicle at the time of replacement with new one
  • Our qualified personnel are trained to the highest standards set by us and the manufacturer
  • Our service center is equipped with latest state-of-art diagnostic equipment and tools suitable to your vehicle
  • Total Peace of Mind
Maintenance Guidelines
Your car is an investment that you need to keep your eye on it. When your car is due for service as indicated on your owner maintenance booklet, take your car to autoXpert service center for periodical maintenance. Our service advisor will fill out the appropriate information on your maintenance booklet to serve as your service record which may be required for warranty repairs. It will also prove to future owners your commitment and care to the best ownership of your vehicle which will increase its residual value.

Your maintenance schedule is developed by the manufacturer to maintain your car in its ultimate shape, retain its safety and performance originally built into your car.


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