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Our Manufacturers constantly aims at improving their quality products and introducing new models to satisfy customers' need.

Our Manufacturers realize that their journey to success depend on overcoming challenges through global cooperation. Today, their cooperating partners are the automotive industry giants such as BMW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Daimler and Porsche.
  • Covering areas of over >100,000 sqm
  • More than 900 engineers and experts from around the world
  • Prototyping centers with full and integrated product testing and trial capabilities.
  • 100% Intellectual properties owned by them
At the R&D center, the Engineering Academy is responsible for the design tasks e.g. product development, engineering and product improvement for all vehicles. With its constant emphasis on the concept of “open and independent R&D with a high jumping-off point” and the R&D characteristic of “centered on brand construction, and building own-brand quality products”, it has constantly taken advantage of advanced matrix management mode and therefore guaranteed the rigorous control on costs, quality and schedule.

Product planning:

This stage covers the planning of the products. In fact, professionals are constantly tracking and analyzing the development trends in macroscopic policy, economic environment, regulations and standards, leading-edge technologies and market segments etc. in line with the philosophy that the product planning originates from the market where it also ends in order to provide a correct market input for planning and developing vehicle types.

Project management:

On this level, a scientific and complete project management system is established, which, on the basis of scientific project performance assessment, can give an effective assurance to the follow-up, control and management of process of product development project.

General layout:

This area involves the conceptual design, integration and layout of complete vehicles, the ergonomic check and design optimization, as well as the analysis on competitive products and standards and regulations.

Styling design:

It includes creative styling and making effect drawings, designing the color, texture and fabric, CAS modeling and computer rendering, modeling and scanning measurement.

Body/accessories design:

This design comprises the body structure design, the body-technology concurrent project, the class-A curve design and the issue, optimization and improvement of body/accessories design.

CAE simulation analysis:

There are 3 types of analysis: analysis on structural collision safety, analysis on modality, stiffness and strength of body and opening/closing pieces, aerodynamic analysis on flow field inside and outside the vehicle.

Power assembly design and vehicle matching:

This process includes power assembly selection and integration, as well as power assembly design and development, calibration and matching, test verification and validation, and transmission matching and development.

New energy R&D:

The R&D here relates to new-energy automobile controllers, micro-hybrid cars, moderate and strong hybrid cars, plug-in hybrid cars, electric minibuses, and electric cars.

Chassis development and design:

This step provides the conceptual design, the system development, the dynamics simulation and optimization, the subjective and objective evaluation on smoothness and operational stability for new products in the chassis system, while carrying out the product quality improvement and design optimization for these products.

Electronic and electrical design:

This design includes R&D of new electronic technologies, together with conceptual design, engineering analysis and design and development for vehicle control system and network, wiring harness, electronic and electrical parts, along with technical improvement and updates.

Interior / exterior design:

This process includes the feasibility analysis on interior / exterior design, the main-section design analysis, the CAE analysis, as well as the structural design, development and integration of dashboard modules, door panel modules, center console modules, seat system, canopy, carpet, bumpers and other internal and external parts and components, along with the evaluation of rapid prototyping parts, the establishment of test specification, and the control of test process and the analysis on results.

NVH solution:

It includes the evaluation, test analysis and optimization of vehicle noise vibration, as well as the vehicle NVH optimization and the study on development trend.

Vehicle safety design:

This design contains the safety system planning, complete-car safety conceptual design, the design and development of parts of active and passive safety system, the simulation of safety system, the passerby protection design, the design of children protection system, the test and analysis and improvement, and the study on domestic and oversea safety regulations and standards.

Product services:

These services are on-production-site and after-sales technical support and services, design optimization and quality improvement.

Special-vehicle development:

This part involves the design and development and the sample-vehicle trial-manufacture of special vehicle varieties and the development and certification of special parts and components of such vehicles.


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